Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Wrap-Up!

Five months down! *happy dance*

Who would have thought that this small town girl living in a crazy world, who does nothing but eat, sleep, read books, watch TV, listen to music, and study occasionally would be able to keep up a blog for five months? Not me. But thank God I have managed.

Let's go straight to the point, shall we? Blog updates! 

The books I have read in May.

Given a month of summer vacation, you would probably think I spent every waking hour reading books. I actually planned that before vacation began. But nothing went according to plan. Somehow, I only manage to read a few. I get distracted by a lot of things these days.

I have read 7 books this May - 6 medium-length to long books, and 1 short story. Some reviews are posted on the blog and some on Goodreads. The cover images link up to where I posted my thoughts (except for Losing It, I haven't written anything about that.)

The books I have purchased, won or received.

To read more about these books, you can check out my Stacking the Shelves post here and here.

Cover Reveals!

Although there had been a lot of cover reveals this May, I have only featured those I'm really excited for. To read more about my Cover Crazy posts, here are the links: Allegiant, Kinslayer, and United We Spy.  

Random news!

Book Expo America kicked of last May 28, 2013, which is an event that a lot of book bloggers are looking forward to every year. All the great stuff happens there - meeting authors and other bloggers, getting your books signed, getting free books, book parties and conventions, and a lot more. It is really a great event for those who are able to attend. It sucks for those are living outside America (like me) who'll just see the event through pictures and videos. It really sucks!!!

But thanks to the people behind Armchair BEA, those who can't attend also have their own events and activities alongside the actual BEA. And guess what? I have signed up. Though I'm not really that active, I try to hop through different blogs as much as possible, and read what they have to say about the topics for the day. I guess it's not yet too late to sign up. Click the image to be directed to the Armchair BEA site.

That's all for May! Until the next monthly update! :)

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