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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog!

First of all, you must know that I am not an expert "reviewer". I don't even use the word review that often when pertaining to the things I write about books I have read. I believe that "reviews" are the more critical and technical part of putting thoughts about a book into writing, which I think is reserved for the professionals, (don't mind me, that's just me being weird).That is why my reviews are not entitled "Book Reviews", but rather "Book Blurb". Now here I am, your resident amateur book blogger, happy to read and write my thoughts about your books.

General Information:
  • I am currently accepting books for review, but please note that I may turn down any review requests depending on certain circumstances.
  • My acceptance of the book does not guarantee a 100% assurance that I will be able to write something regarding the book. And if I do review it, it will be based on my honest opinion.
  • My reviews include the title and author of the book, the publisher and the date published (or date to be published), the number of pages, the genre, the book's blurb or summary, the rating, and the actual review itself.
  • Please also take note that reviewing and blogging is not my full-time priority. I don't always have the pleasure of reading. I can't guarantee the time I will write or post the review, but as much as possible, I will post them on or before their release dates (if ARCs), or the agreed time set.
  • Books I read and review are mostly Young Adult novels, a few New Adult books, and in rare occasions, Middle Grade books.
  • I read all areas covered by YA books, except Thrillers and Horror. I just also found out recently that I am not fond of Historical Fiction.
  • I do not read adult books, eroticas, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs or poetry books.
  • I accept finished copies and ARCs, whether in hardback, paperback, or e-copy (preferably .epub format).
  • I am a little hesitant with reading self-published books But you can still send up an email and tell me what it's all about, and maybe I can consider.

If you trust me enough to write an honest opinion about your book, please email me at helloteepee123 [at] gmail [dot] com, with a relevant subject line, and including all possible information about you and/or your book needed for review. You can also contact me at terrizmortega [at] gmail [dot] com (my older gmail account which I still use).


WOW! An extremely amazing read! It will either tear your heart out, have you gripped the entire time, will not let you sleep or leave you an extreme case of book hangover. Recommended!

A great read! Almost the same as five stars but it just lacks a few elements to completely be amazing, or there are certain parts or characters that went a little off.

 It was okay. It either had some major points that was not very appealing, or it was less of what was expected. But nonetheless, an good book.

Not for me. This book either really failed to capture my interest due to confusing and/or annoying characters, boring or messy plot etc..., or is a complete and utter disappointment.

I rarely give one star rating because I feel like the any author deserves more than a star for his/her hard work even though the book turned out bad. Also, I like to give half stars. :)

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terrizmortega [at] gmail [dot] com

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