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BABY & ME (2008)
Lead Cast: Jang Keun-Suk, Mason Moon, Song Ha-Yoon
Director: Kim Jin-Young
Prime Entertainment


Joon-Soo (Jang Keun-Suk) is a rebellious high school kid, popular with the girls, but an absolute nightmare for his parents and teachers. Joon-Soo soon drives his parents batty enough that they decide to up and leave their house. When Joon-Soo finds out that his parents are AWOL he does what any party animal would do, he calls his friends over for a house party

That afternoon, Joon-Soo prepares for the party by going to the grocery store and buying drinks & food . While at the grocery store, he briefly leaves his shopping cart unattended to check out the liquor selection. When he comes back to his shopping cart, he’s stunned to find a baby in his cart. Even more confounding, after waiting for hours at the store, nobody comes forward to claim the baby. And to top everything off, theres a note on the baby which claims Joon-soo is the father!


My Thoughts:

This Korean movie has been recommended to me a lot of times already by some of my classmates. Now that I already sat down and watched it, I think I can also say the do the same. I can recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh, yet triggers emotions from deep within.

 The story of Baby and Me is simple. Bad boy senior high school student's (Joon-soo) parents are tired of their son's fights and school suspension. So, to teach him a lesson, they leave him all alone without a lot of money. Plus, while shopping at the grocery store, someone mysteriously leaves a baby boy on his cart. No parents, no money, and a baby... what now?

Sounds a little out of the ordinary, doesn't it? I mean, where have heard or seen parents running away from their home when their son misbehaves badly? It's usually grounding for months, taking away phone, television or internet privileges, or taking back their car.

Well, the parent's aren't the only unusual/interesting characters in the movie. We also have  Kim Byeol, the girl who went back to school because of Joon-soo. She is very intelligent, a bit weird, but a whole lot of fun to watch. She's like a ray of sunshine, and just pops out whenever she wants to. She has been very kind to Joon-soo even when the guy wasn't. She is my second favorite character in the movie. (I'll tell who's the first in a little while).

Joon-soo, on the other hand, is your typical bad boy - gets into fights, doesn't follow rules, disobey his parents. But when Woo-ram (the baby) comes to his life, he suddenly becomes a father without knowing who the mother is. He learns, and grows throughout the movie.

Now, my favorite character! Han Woo-Ram (Mason Moon) aka the Baby!!! He is just so adorable and I can't get enough of him. Aside from his overflowing cuteness, he did pretty well in the movie considering how little he was when the movie was filmed. I don't know how the movie team did it, but it seems that he always conveys the right emotion when shot by the camera.

Here are some of his photos:

 Don't you just wanna grab him and take him home? Hahahahaha!

Anyway, the story was good. It was very entertaining, but it showed how difficult, yet rewarding, it is to be a parent, that's why we should never take them for granted. It gave omething good to think about and keep. Plus, you would be wondering throughout the movie if the baby's mother would be revealed, or would she return for the baby.

All in all, an awesome feel-good movie!

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