Monday, December 16, 2013

The Random Birthday Post

Hey! Guess what? It's December 16 and today is my birthday!!!
I actually have no idea what I want to write about on this "birthday post". I have been squeezing my brain juices for days now, but I still can't think of anything good to share. So if you are reading this right now, you must know that this blog post is the outcome of all the randomness I can think of, and that this has not been extensively prepared for.

Now, what to write about? Hmmmm... Okay! I'll start with some random facts about me (which some of you probably won't be interested in).

1. I am 20 years old today, but I still feel (and probably look) like 16.

2. I am already on my fourth year in college, and I am taking up Accountancy.

3. I am a very shy person. I never had the guts to do anything exciting.

4. I think I suck at English (and writing). I really do. But here I am, book blogging.

5. I love Algebra and Geometry. Yes, I am sort of a Math geek.

6. I don't eat vegetables. I try, but that rarely happens.

7. I collect chocolate wrappers. (My mother thinks this is pointless).

8. I hate sports and I really suck at physical activities, except dancing. I enjoy dancing, but I'm not really good at it.

9. I live in a small city with only one bookstore offering new books, and two secondhand bookstores.

10. Only four of my school friends and my sister know that I have a blog. The rest have no clue what I've been up to.

11. I never had a boyfriend. It is a prohibited topic inside the house (Lol! Kidding!) But seriously, I'm not allowed to have one until I graduate.

12. I have never been inside a bar or a club. I have never even tasted beer in my 20 years of existence.

13. I have a very poor eyesight. If I don't have my glasses on and you're standing a few feet from me, I probably won't recognize you.

14. I am a frustrated singer. I really want to sing. But sadly, I am tone-deaf and my voice is from the land of tralala.

15. I did not want to read when I was younger. I thought it was boring.

16. I am a very short person. As I have mentioned, I am a little over 5 feet but not over 5'1".

17. I am not a teenager anymore!!! *sobs*

18. I am afraid to really grow up.

19. My favorite color is orange. But I don't like orange-flavored stuff.

20. *still thinking*

If by chance some of my life's tidbits had caught your interest and you want to know more, ask away! I'll try to answer if I can.

*additional randomness*

Did you know that I share birthdays with Ludwig van Bethooven and Jane Austen? It's kind of ironic that I share birthdays with a musician and a writer, because I am a crappy writer and I don't have an ear (or voice) for music. Gaaaah! It's a little frustrating whenever I think of it. I also share birthdays with Theo James, who plays Four in the upcoming Divergent movie, and Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Anyway, since it's my birthday, I am expecting gifts from everybody who read this post. Kidding!!! Lol!  It's me who has something for every one today. So, make sure to check out the blog every once in a while today. You'll never know when I'm going to post it.

CLUE: It starts with the letter G and ends in Y.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Girl!
    I think we have a lot in common. Loved the post! Have fun, today! :D

  2. Happy birthday! Hey, I'm short too! Haha. Never had a boyfriend either. It'll happen when it happens.

    1. Thank you!!! :) True.. it will happen when it happens. Short people are cute, right? Lol! :)



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