Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Suggestions For Book Lovers

Let's admit it, not all our friends know what kind of book we like to read, and sometimes they don't know what books we already own and  what we want to own. And we don't know all our friends book preferences as well. It might ruin the element of surprise if we/they ask, wouldn't it? So instead of giving each other books for the Holidays, or some book store gift cards, why not give other bookish stuff?

Here are some suggestions (click on the links to lead you to the stores)

1. Book Ends 
 Book ends are the perfect gift for those book lovers who ran out of shelf space and uses the table top to place their books. And wouldn't you want book ends like this that scream your personality (if you were a girl, of course).

Want to squeeze your clock in between your beloved books? Here's the gift for you. No need to hang a wall clock in your room.
  Image: Booktique

 Tired of the typical paper/card bookmark? Here's something a little vintage for you... Vintage leather bookmarks with a little charm at one end from Booktique. Oh look! There's even a mockingjay pin.

Image: Booktique

4. Weird Glasses
 These are really weird. But if it works, it sure is a fun gift to give especially to those people who like to read lying on their beds.
 Image: Booktique

Litographs are books on posters, t-shirts and tote bags. Yes! The entire book is printed on a shirt, on a tote bag, and on a poster. Now, what can be cooler than that?

Why would any book lover want a scented candle? Well, maybe because they smell good. Or maybe they smell like Dumbledore's Office and remind you of your love for Harry Potter. There's also the scent of Winterfell for Game of Thrones fans, and a lot more scents where that came from.
Image: Frostbeard Studio

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