Friday, January 18, 2013

BOOK HAUL: January 7, 2013

Pre-loved books are always a pleasure to buy. Not only will you get to buy a book... but you'll get to buy it at a cheaper price. All it takes is a bit of savings from your allowance and the patience to hunt for that book discarded by the previous owner which will soon be in your loving hands.

So my trip to Book Sale actually went pretty well... :) I was actually aiming to find a good YA novel , hard-bound and super cheap (aren't we all looking for that?). Sadly, I found none that tickles my interest. But I found two paperbacks that I actually wanted to buy - one is the first book of a somewhat popular series and the other one I have seen on goodreads. The bad news, though, is I can only afford one. So this is what I bought...

*Sorry! The photo quality is not that great. I just used the webcam :)


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