Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year + Giveaway Winners!

Another year, another reading challenge.
Congratulations to the all the book nerds who completed their reading challenges last year.
Let's push ourselves further this year, and surpass the number of books we read last year.

Sadly, I will lessen the number of books I will pledge to read this year. 2014 will be a very busy and stressful year for me. With the upcoming mock CPA board exam coming up (which I really need to pass), my on the job training this summer, and the start of my last academic year in college, I feel like I need to focus on my studies more.But that doesn't mean I'm going to forget reading and blogging. Ha! I'll be here as frequent as I can.

I wish to accomplish many things in 2014. Some of these are:
To start book series I haven't read yet.
To finish/continue books series I have already started.
To finish books I have started. Avoid DNFing or putting them on hold.
To give books second chances.
To try new stuff, new books, new genres.
To try joining book tours.
To improve my reviewing skills.
To interact more with book bloggers and other book nerds.
To study more!!! FOCUS!

Once again, have a happy 2014 every one!

Ooooh! before I you go. Here are the winners of my Birthday Giveaway last December 2013.
The winners will be contacted via email and are given 72 hours to respond, otherwise another winner shall be chosen.
American Girl On Saturn ebook - Alyssa L.
Chasing Forever Down ebook - Mindy D.

 J.Lynn book swags - Mindy D.
Huntley Fitzpatrick book - Cora M.

Thank you for joining! Happy new year!

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