Friday, March 1, 2013

February Wrap-Up!

Two months down, ten more to go!

February has come and gone. Now, March is at our doorstep. HELLO there, March!
It has been a very busy February and I am expecting a lot more stress this March.

Well, for those residing in the Philippines, March is the last month of the school year. It is both a happy and a sad news. Why? Well, because in a matter of days, school will be over and summer is just a few weeks away! But before we get to that happy place, we must first endure the sufferings of a student. Yes, exams, projects, paper works, tons of requirements and a whole lot more. So, March is going to be tough month. Better be prepared. :)

Going back to the agenda, let's take a look back to the things I've cooked up this February 2013.

The books I have read in February.

This was not a good month for reading many books. As you can see, I have only read four books plus a short story, which is a bit far from the number I have read last January. 

The best book I have read this month is... *drum roll please* Ally Carter's Perfect Scoundrels and her short cross-over story Double Crossed. I am a huge Gallagher Girls fan, and these books officially made me a huge Heist Society fan as well. I just love how these books incorporate love, family, friendship, and humor into one fast-paced and thrilling roller coaster ride. The most disappointing book this February is, thankfully, none! Yes, that's how awesome my February reads has been.

The books I have purchased.

My trips to some book store have been quite unfortunate this February. It's either I don't find anything that pleases me or I find something good but I don't have enough money. So the result, I have purchased  only one book this month -  Wildefire by Karsten Knight.

Cover Reveals!


February has brought a whirlwind of teasers and updates. From the release date of Divergent's third installment to the first ever glimpse of Magnus Bane. And who would forget the book trailer of Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess?

There were also some casting updates on the upcoming TV adaptation of Lauren Oliver's Delirium and Keira Cass' The Selection.

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